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MEDIA ALERT: HiFive Development of Mason breaks ground in Dayton (Xenia) at 4 Paws for Ability this Thursday ~~ 8.14.14 ~~ New, State-of-the-Art, $2.7M HQ facility doubles size for World Renowned Provider of Service Dogs ~~ ~~ HiFIve Development: Designers, Builders, Developers and Planners ~~

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WDTN Channel 2 Dayton - ABC 22/FOX 45 Dayton - WHIO Channel 7 Dayton

WDTN Channel 2 Dayton – ABC 22/FOX 45 Dayton – WHIO Channel 7 Dayton


HiFive Development breaks ground today at 4 Paws For Ability Dayton Xenia - Media Alert 8.14.14





4 Paws For Ability Founder Karen Shirk HiFive groundbreaking Dayton Xenia 8.14.14

Karen Shirk founder of

Media Alert – : HiFive Development breaks ground today August 14 2014 at 4 Paws For Ability Dayton Xenia – MEDIA ALERT

HiFive Development breaks ground at 4 Paws for Ability in Xenia Thursday August 14 2014

http:/// Groundbreaking in Dayton (Xenia) Thursday 8.14.14

4 Paws for Ability: Our Future Is Now

Dayton-area (Xenia) World Leader in Raising, Training, Providing Service Dogs Breaks Ground Thursday for $2.7M World-Class Facility

4 Paws taps HiFive Development Services of Mason for new State-of-the-Art HQ.

More than 750 dogs placed worldwide: Australia, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, etc.

The Community: mostly youngsters, children under 10, who seek GREAT service dogs.

Thursday Press Conference and Media Luncheon at 12:30 p.m. (8.14.14) in Xenia.

Facility to Combine Offices, Training, Development, Surgical, Feeding, Vet Services, etc.

Sophia (pn the right) with her mom Heidi and their 4 Paws friend Browser.

Sophia (pn the right) with her mom Heidi and their 4 Paws friend Browser.

[DAYTON, Ohio (Xenia)  ~ August 11, 2014] Come join us! We’re barking up a brand-new day (couldn’t resist a canine pun!) at 4 Paws for Ability ( with the local, regional and international community we now call family.

This Thursday, 4 Paws for Ability breaks ground for our new $2.7 million, 13,000-square-foot headquarters facility in Xenia, designed and (soon-to-be-built) by HiFive Development Services Inc. of Mason, Ohio (

HiFive Development Services, founded in 2002 and increasingly active in the Dayton market, is a world-class team of designers, builders, developers and planners owned and run by co-founders Mark Davis and Brian Zilch.

HiFive designed the new 4 Paws for Ability facility, which will more than doubling the space of its adjoining old digs, with a mix of professional space for the humans and everything a growing, developing, dedicated service dog needs.

Elements include expanded facilities for kennels, playing, training, feeding, whelping, surgery, laundry, equipment storage, quarantine rooms, exam rooms and veterinary services, offices and conference room facilities.

Who: 4Paws for Ability Founder Karen Shirk, Friends, Kids & Dogs

What: Groundbreaking and Media Luncheon at 4 Paws for Ability

Where: 4Paws for Ability, 207 Dayton Avenue, Xenia OH 45385

When: 12:30 p.m. this Thursday, August 14, 2014

Why: 4Paws for Ability, a world leader in placing service dogs, celebrates with local business, community, government leaders, partners and friends.

thx to media peeps who stopped out from (L-R) WDTN Channel 2 NBC, ABC22/FOX45 and WHIO-TV Channel 7 CBS.

thx to media peeps who stopped out from (L-R) WDTN Channel 2 NBC, ABC22/FOX45 and WHIO-TV Channel 7 CBS.

For more information about 4 Paws for Ability please visit or contact Ms. Kelly Camm, Development Director, at (859) 802-0122 or

To reach CEO Mark Davis at HiFive Development Services Inc., please call (513) 336-9280 or send Mark an e-mail at

HiFive Development Services of Mason breaks ground at 4 Paws for Ability in Dayton Xenia

http:/// Groundbreaking in Dayton (Xenia) Thursday 8.14.14

Duante Beddingfield with 4 Paws; behind Duante is the site of the groundbreaking and new building.

Duante Beddingfield with 4 Paws; behind Duante is the site of the groundbreaking and new building.

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Get Smart: The Smart Dash launches today with T-Mobile USA, Kickstarter and The FOX Business Network (FBN) ~~ #stoptextinganddriving ~~ The Surge to Market. A Mission of Safety. No More Excuses. ~~ Tune in FBN at 2 p.m. today for ‘Money with Melissa Francis’ ~~ thx, @FOXBusiness and @MelissaAFrancis !!

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Press ReleaseThe Smart Dash – The Surge to Market. A Mission of Safety. No More Excuses – 7.30.14 Press Release

The Smart Dash:

The Surge to Market. A Mission of Safety. No More Excuses.

 Voice-Controlled, Hands-Free, Destroyer of the Driving-While-Texting Scourge.

Designed, Created in Florida by British/American Engineers/Entrepreneurs.

The Smart Dash bolts out of the gate: Preloaded data deal struck with T-Mobile USA Inc.

The Market: Every used vehicle in America. For starters.

[BRADENTON, Fla. ~ July 30, 2014] As the carnage continues, the American public screams for change, and the government, cops and U.S. realpolitik do next to nothing.

Americans young and old are dying horrific, unnecessary deaths – mostly the young, they’re still as clueless, ambitious and boundless as ever – at the guillotine of technology and a smart phone-obsessed society, one that’s been created, bought and sold right here in the good ‘ole U.S. of A.

Yes, we are in essence killing our own children, when we give them all these fun little phone toys to grow up with, then hand them the keys to a two-ton vehicle, and tell them to ‘Don’t Text-and-Drive,’ ” said Chris Tunmore, co-founder of The Smart Dash, a Florida-based startup set to take flight this summer. Dead in its sights: the texting-and-driving scourge plaguing America.

Things have to change. Immediately. Texting-and-driving has now become one of the most important issues of safety, in our everyday lives, all across the U.S., and is the very reason for The Smart Dash,” Tunmore said.

Chris Tunmore

Chris Tunmore

Enter The Smart Dash (, created and designed in Florida by Tunmore and his colleagues, a team of British/American engineers, targeting a retrofit of the mammoth U.S. used-car market, estimated at between 200 million to 250 million vehicles.

The target: any, and every, used vehicle in America not currently equipped with the latest voice-activated technology.

The Smart Dash is an online, portable, dash-mounted and safety-first solution being developed by a seasoned team including co-founders TunmoreAndrew Britt, a mechanical engineer, and Roger Pellew, a business development professional. The co-founders of The Smart Dash represent a wide spectrum of business interests, experience and knowledge.

Andrew Britt

Andrew Britt

Together, the partners are established entrepreneurs with a proven track record, having provided a leading chain of national retailers’ ink cartridge recycling solutions. Individually, they have each developed a number of successful businesses, including one of the nation’s premier plastic manufacturing companies.


The Smart Dash will be available to both Apple and Android smart phone users. The system coordinates smart phones and vehicle features into a single-screen Android tablet display of applications, mounted on the vehicle dashboard.

The Smart Dash delivers a comprehensive range of voice-activated applications, while providing a safer eye-level information display.

Features include Voice-Activated Phone CallsVoice MessagingText Messaging, Enhanced GPS Navigation, a Media PlayerEngine Health MonitoringAccident Assistance, a Driver Behavior Log along with many other standard features. The windshield- or dashboard-mounted telescopic arm allows for quick and easy portable tablet installation and removal, with a power source provided by a standard DC connection.

Roger Pellew

Roger Pellew

This twisted text-me-now ecosystem – this smart phone obsession, and the 24/7 web world that feeds into it – is now taking our children’s very lives. There can be no more excuses,” Tunmore said.

Tunmore designed The Smart Dash ( with an engineer’s precision, an entrepreneur’s vision, and a father’s heart: A serial offender, he realized the hypocrisy of lecturing his teenager over texting-and-driving.

The Smart Dash carries an array of potential other uses, including the transport industry and for fleet vehicles.

The ginormous gap of technology between the U.S. used-vehicle market and what new vehicle manufacturers are putting out “presents an enormous opportunity for us as entrepreneurs, as parents, and as a business,” Tunmore said.

But which comes first? In the eyes of The Smart Dash, it’s people. It’s a conscious decision made by people.”


The Smart Dash is a start-up, but its co-founders and partners are most certainly not, as evidenced by the first corporate partner to step up: T-Mobile USA Inc., one of the fastest-growing U.S. carriers. Based in Washington state, T-Mobile is distinguished by its policy of not charging for data overage.

The Smart Dash Co-Founders and Partners Chris Tunmore, left, and Andrew Britt at T-Mobile USA Inc. in Times Square, New York City.

Co-Founders/Partners Chris Tunmore, left, and Andrew Britt at T-Mobile USA Inc. in Times Square, New York City, for the official July 30, 2014 launch of The Smart Dash.

T-Mobile USA will be providing a pre-loaded data package. A Kickstarter campaign is poised to finance the final steps of software development and product manufacturing, slated to begin in accordance with the launch of a national media and PR campaign. Tunmore is scheduled to appear live on The FOX Business Network (FBN) today at 2 p.m. EST on the “Money with Melissa Francis” program to announce The Smart Dash Kickstarter:

Says Fred Hifko Jr. of T-Mobile USA Inc.: “What we see in The Smart Dash, is something we’ve been seeking for quite some time, which is: a solution to stop the carnage. We look forward to a very exciting launch of The Smart Dash, and the ability of T-Mobile to continue to engage in the conversation of all things safety-minded.”

Media Player Screen

Media Player Screen

Production of The Smart Dash is pegged for early 2015, with all manufacturing to take place in America: each system will come with The Smart Dash app, an interface, universal mount, power cable and adaptor.

The pricetag for the proprietary system and app starts at a Kickstarter-early contributor discount of $195, retailing for $260. Tiered level of packages include a 7-inch Android tablet for $425, $395 early contributor on Kickstarter. The rear-cam feature sells separately for $100.


Every day, the stories, and the statistics, pour in.

There’s a texting-and-driving incident every 75 seconds in America; drivers are between three to 23X as distracted while texting; there are 3,000+ accidents every year logged by the Ohio State Highway Patrol as “driver-distracted.”

No segment of society, including law enforcement is immune: An L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy drills a bicyclist in Calabasis, while texting. The Mayor of Oakland, California, gets busted twice.

Text Message Screen

Text Message Screen

At offices south of Tampa, The Smart Dash is poised to take flight, armed with a voice-activated suite of safety and security.

The partners are engineers, and entrepreneurs. But fathers first. “The clock is ticking. She’s already driving. And I’m still texting-and-driving,” Tunmore says of his 17-year-old daughter.

We are businessmen, with a product, yes; but with a greater mission: there’s a better way. And people – our family members, our neighbors, our friends – don’t have to die like this,” Britt said.

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The Smart Dash - The Surge to Market. A Mission of Safety. No More Excuses - Press Release Page One 7.30.14

The Smart Dash - The Surge to Market. A Mission of Safety. No More Excuses - Press Release Page TWO 7.30.14

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The Smart Dash on The FOX Business Network Money with Melissa Francis Wednesday July 30 2014

(FULL VIDEO) STRIKE THAT! ~~ FOX News Anchor, Cincinnati’s own Bill Hemmer tosses First Pitch before Reds-Pirates at Great American BallPark ~~ 7.12.14

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FOX News Anchor @BillHemmer tosses Cincinnati @Reds v. PIttsburgh @Pirates First PItch at Great American Ballpark 7.12.14

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Reds are honored by millions of Tri-State residents who are proud to call themselves Reds fans,” boomed the Reds PA announcer at Great American Ballpark this past Saturday night (July 12, 2014).

“Tonight, we are very pleased to welcome back one of those fans, who is now in television news, Anchor Bill Hemmer. A graduate of Elder High School and Miami University, Bill worked locally at WLWT-TV (Channel 5) and WCPO-TV (Channel 9) before making his way to the national stage.”

“He worked 10 years as a reporter and anchor for CNN, before moving to FOX News, where he is currently the co-host of America’s Newsroom.”

“Along the way, Bill has covered some of the most important news stories of the last 20 years, including the Sept. 11 attacks. several Presidential Elections, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and The War in Iraq.”

“And now, as he makes his way out to the mound for the Ceremonial First Pitch, Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s give a big round of applause for Cincinnati native Bill Hemmer! (to be caught by the Reds‘ Chris Heisey)!”

Much love to Bob, Walt, Bryan and the entire Cincinnati @Reds organization for the honor. #Blessed #Beliebe

Folchi’s Formal Wear in The Cincinnati Enquirer, Sunday Business Section Cover Story: ‘Cincinnati Wedding Business Is Booming’ ~~ ~~ ‘Gray Is The New Black at Folchi’s Formal Wear’ ~~ thx, @VPrevish @LeeAnnHamilton @Enquirer!

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Folchi’s Press Release – For Immediate Release: Formally, For Him – Shades of Gray at Folchi’s – Gray Is The New Black – 6.18.14 Press Release – PR by Andy Hemmer

PDF Cincinnati Enquirer Sunday Business section featuring Folchi’s – 6.15.14: Folchi’s Formal Wear in The Cincinnati Enquirer – Sunday Business Cover Story – 6.15.14 – PR by Andy Hemmer


 Formally, for him: Shades of Gray at Folchi’s Formal Wear

Gray is the New Black for the 2014 wedding season – for rentals and sales – amidst a rebound in the Cincinnati business of getting betrothed

Gray Matters: Family-owned Folchi’s selling 2x as much in Groom Gray threads.

In biz for 40+ years, first outlet in NKy. next up for hi-end tailor/retailer.

After a flat 2013, Cincinnati wedding industry bounces back!

[CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ June 18, 2014] With all the slush, grime, soggy boots and somber gray days from a brutal winter, it’s fair to say the fashion-forward color of choice for the 2014 wedding season in Greater Cincinnati – gray – is having a banner year.

Gray is the new black,” for a booming 2014 Cincinnati wedding season, says Mike Folchi of Folchi’s Formal Wear and Fine Men’s Apparel (

Mike and his brother, Mark Folchi, are second-generation owner/operators of Folchi’s.

We really picked up on the gray options after the Twilight collection, which was introduced in 2012, but after seeing what we did last year in Gray, and what we saw in the first month of this year, we decided to double our Gray selections,” said Folchi, president and owner of Folchi’s (

The Allure line at Folchi’s, with whom Folchi has an exclusive arrangement to sell Allure formal wear within a 100-mile radius of Cincinnati, features Heather Gray and Steel Gray, and also offers Tan and a new color this year, Slate Blue.

Folchi’s added an additional flavor in the industry-standard black, an Onyx Black selection.

EXCLUSIVE FROM ALLURE: at Folchi’s only in Cincinnati

Besides the Allure Men line, Folchi’s also offers premium tuxes such as Ralph Lauren, Klein, Joseph Abboud, After Six and Jean Yves, amongst others.

The Allure Men line ( has been one of Folchi’s hottest, Tuxedo rentals average about $160 (with shoes); for-purchase outfits cost about $800.

What the gray palette provides, as offered by Folchi’s, is a direct response to what the market has demanded.

This generation tends to be a lot more casual, and what this particular Allure collection offers is a more casual approach, offering a hybrid of sorts,” Mike Folchi added. “This is actually a cross-over between a tux and a suit.”

Founded in 1973, Folchi’s is a Cincinnati-made icon in the formal wear industry, serving clients for more than 40 years with stores in Kenwood, West Chester and Anderson Township with men’s fine formal wear, custom clothing, expert tailoring and alteration services.

Mike Folchi represents the second-generation ownership, along with siblings Mark Folchi and Marisa Folchi Strickland, accommodating weddings, special events and occasions. For more information, please call Folchi’s in Kenwood at (513) 891-9930, in West Chester at (513) 755-9930 or in the Anderson Towne Centre at (513) 231-9930.

6.18.14 Press Release for

6.18.14 Press Release for

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