Elio Motors Inc. of Phoenix {www.ElioMotors.com} names cylinder-coating supplier for The Elio, Flame-Spray Industries of N.Y. (Port Washington), supplier to Mustang GT500, Nissan GT/R (Giddyup) ~~ http://www.Flame-Spray.com ~~ Cylinder-coating technology in @ElioMotors improves heat transfer, reduces friction. #84MPG $6,800

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Licorice Elio Who U Like Me Now

[TROY, Michigan ~ April 8, 2014] Elio Motors, Inc., which will launch an enclosed, three-wheeled vehicle in 2015, has named Flame-Spray Industries Inc., a leading supplier of cylinder coating technology, as one of its key suppliers. 

Flame-Spray of Port Washington, N.Y., will use its patented and award-winning plasma-transferred wire arc (PTWA) technology.

The process involves accelerating a fine mist of molten steel at high speed onto a prepared surface and then honing that surface into a piston-ready cylinder bore.

The technology, which is used on high-performance sports cars such as the Mustang GT500 and the Nissan GT/R, improves heat transfer and reduces friction.

For Elio Motors, it is projected to boost engine performance by 10 percent, while reducing engine weight, helping Elio Motors achieve its 84-miles-per-gallon target.

Flame-Spray is an outstanding addition to our supplier network and is indicative of one of the many small, but crucial details that it takes to engineer a vehicle with extraordinary fuel efficiency with the performance characteristics that are important to today’s drivers,” said Paul Elio, CEO of Elio Motors.

Flame-Spray’s cutting edge technology will help us reduce vehicle weight but will improve engine performance and durability and extend engine life, all key attributes for customer satisfaction.”

With a price tag of $6,800 and fuel efficiency of 84 miles per gallon, the enclosed, three-wheeled vehicle will launch in 2015.

In addition to launching a new vehicle, Elio Motors will create more than 1,500 jobs at its manufacturing facility in Shreveport, La., help reduce the country’s dependence on foreign oil and provide a more environmentally friendly transportation solution for American drivers. Initial customer enthusiasm for Elio Motors is high, as more than 13,000 people have made reservations for the vehicle. The company already has more than 100,000 fans on Facebook and is averaging more than 250,000 unique visitors per month to its web site this year.

Currently, the vehicle prototype is on a 33-city nationwide tour, introducing the vehicle potential customers.

GIMME MY ELIO!! ~ {http://www.ElioMotors.com} in San Jose today at Eastridge Mall


About Elio Motors: 

Founded by car enthusiast Paul Elio in 2008, Elio Motors Inc. represents a revolutionary approach to manufacturing an ultra-high-mileage vehicle. The 3-wheeled Elio will attain a highway mileage rating of 84 mpg while providing the comfort of amenities such as power windows, power door lock and air conditioning, accompanied by the safety of multiple air bags and an aerodynamic, enclosed vehicle body.

Elio’s first manufacturing site will be in Shreveport, La., with plans for the first production vehicle to roll off the assembly line in 2015 and significant production, sales and distribution during the next two years. For more information, visit www.eliomotors.com or  www.facebook.com/ElioMotors.

 The Elio and Elio Motors announce Flame-Spray Industries added to Supplier Network

Holland Advertising: Interactive, Cincinnati’s original ad agency (1937), unveils ‘The Fast Track to ROI Marketing Plan’ + Holland-Hemmer PR Partnership announced ~~ featuring former Business Courier journalist, Andy Hemmer (me).

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Holland Advertising: Interactive and The Fast Track to ROI Marketing Plan

Cincinnati’s original ad agency offers path to marketing ROI in about 90 days.

Holland-Hemmer PR Partnership features former Business Courier journalist.

[CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ April 4, 2014] Ninety days can be a lifetime in the wacky business world of 2014, with the life and death of a business on the line every waking moment.

Cognizant of change – arbiter of experience – and buffed-out by four generations in the advertising and marketing game, Cincinnati’s original ad agency, Holland Advertising: Interactive (www.hollandadvertising.com) now offers a path to marketing ROI in that same timeframe – 90 days – using its proprietary Marketing Business Builder” and The Fast Track to ROI Marketing Plan.”

When we started in the business of building businesses, Howard Hughes was flying jets and FDR was still in the White House,” said Bryan Holland, principal of the Kenwood-based agency founded in 1937.

Bryan runs the shop with his brother, Mark Holland, and Mark’s daughter Lauren Bausano.

What we’ve learned, in conjunction with the legacy of so many Cincinnati companies, is how to strategically invest marketing dollars to successfully achieve a company’s business goalsThis is about identifying a company’s unique selling proposition, strategically crafting their brand story, reaching new customers, discovering new sales opportunities, and achieving real business change and results for your brand,” Mark Holland  said.

Cincinnati’s original and oldest ad agency grew up as a family, alongside The Queen City and its most famous brands, shaping a local industry along the way.

Holland recently relocated to CBank Office Park in Kenwood – this location offers ease and convenience for clients, colleagues and associates, at the Montgomery Road exit off Interstate 71.

The Holland-Hemmer PR Partnership

Late last year, Holland Advertising: Interactive created a new division, Holland-Hemmer PR, in conjunction with Cincinnati native Andy Hemmer (www.thewritingfiendatlarge.com), a former journalist and reporter/editor who worked 10 years at The Cincinnati Business Courier.

Bringing Holland-Hemmer PR to our clients is a value-added strategy to provide them cutting-edge PR services with a journalistic pro,” Bryan Holland said of Hemmer, named “Insider MVP” at The Business Courier for seven consecutive years. “What we’ve done is formalize a partnership that we’ve had since 2007,” said Hemmer.

Holland Advertising: Interactive proudly offers Fresh ideas. Experienced Execution. Greater ROI (In about 90 days) to an esteemed clientele, and is open for additional new business.

For more information, please visit www.hollandadvertising.com, call (513) 744-3001 or e-mail Bryan at bholland@hollandadvertising.com.








ScrogginsGrear in The Cincinnati Business Courier PR by Andy Hemmer









Mullaney's in Northwest Press PR by Andy Hemmer





Cincy Care to Share PR by Andy Hemmer


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Hare Krishna. Krishna Krishna. Hare Hare.

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Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

ELIO MOTORS UPDATE: Southern Cali over the weekend, then the South Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm ~~ BLOG!!! http://eliomotors.wordpress.com/2014/03/28/and-then-there-were-two/

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Hello Elio fans, Happy Friday!  We had a good week this week and moved ever closer to making the Elio a reality.  Before we get to the Elio Championship match-up lets talk tour stops.

The Elio Preview is back at full strength and had great stops in San Antonio and Austin this week.  Today the team was in Tucson and had a great turn-out. Here is the schedule for this week:

  • Sunday March 30th, 3pm to 6pm, DoubleTree Suites by Hilton, Ontario Airport, 222 North Vineyard Avenue; Ontario, California
  • Tuesday April 1st, 3pm to 6pm, DoubleTree by Hilton, 2 Civic Plaza; Carson, California
  • Then the Preview Tour is heading to West Palm Beach Florida April 11-13 for another Barrett Jackson Auction!  We will be there show hours and the location is South Florida Fairgrounds, 9067 Southern Blvd. West Palm Beach, FL

Many have asked about a future schedule.  We have…

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Northwestern Mutual presents The Economics Center at The University of Cincinnati {@EconomicsCenter} Annual Awards Luncheon tomorrow {Thurs., March 27, 2014} ~~~ ‘A Breakout Year For The U.S. Economy’ ~~~ starring Moody’s Analytics Senior Economist Mark Zandi {#UCECAwards}. As the leading Cincinnati non-profit for economic information and resources, The Economics Center {http://www.EconomicsCenter.org} provides knowledge building blocks for a stronger economy through education and research. Congrats, @EconomicsCenter and Northwestern Mutual {@nm_news} !!

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Northwestern Mutual presents The Economics Center at The University of Cincinnati Annual Awards Luncheon tomorrow (3.27.14) ~~ http://shop.economicscenter.org/event/annual-awards-luncheon.html

Northwestern Mutual presents The Economics Center at The University of Cincinnati Annual Awards Luncheon tomorrow (3.27.14) ~~ http://shop.economicscenter.org/event/annual-awards-luncheon.html

{Event Link}

The Economics Center at the University of Cincinnati will hold its 7th Annual Awards Luncheon tomorrow at The Hyatt Regency Cincinnati at 12:00 p.m.

This event is presented by Northwestern Mutual and PepsiCo.

Mr. Mark Zandi, Chief Economist at Moody’s Analytics, will discuss the U.S. Economy.

Over 650 business leaders and educators will join the Economics Center in recognizing community leaders for accomplishments throughout the year, specifically highlighting successes in economic and financial education.

Each year at the Awards Luncheon, the Economics Center acknowledges local educators who have excelled in economics and financial education.

Teachers are recognized for their outstanding commitment to their students and their own professional learning in the arena of financial education. The Center also presents an award to an elementary school principal who has demonstrated leadership, excellent content implementation, creativity and advocacy with financial literacy.

Ohio National Financial Services, a contributor to the Stock Market Game, recognizes student teams with the highest portfolio values. The Stock Market Game teaches important 21st Century skills, such as critical thinking, decision-making and research, in addition to the basics of saving and investing.

The Economic Empowerment Award will recognize a local organization’s outstanding commitment to economic and financial education in our community.

The Awards, and their Recipients Are:

Economic Empowerment Award: The Kroger Company, Rodney McMullen

Valentine Leadership Award: Vera Brooks, Principal, Roberts Academy, Cincinnati Public School District

Northwestern Mutual Teacher of the Year: Chuck Warden, Loveland High School, Loveland City School District

Northwestern Mutual Teacher of the Year: Donna Quatromani, Hays-Porter School, Cincinnati Public School District


Northwestern Mutual presents The Economics Center at The University of Cincinnati Annual Awards Luncheon ~~~ http://shop.economicscenter.org/event/annual-awards-luncheon.html

For over 37 years, the Economics Center has been the leading non-profit organization in Greater Cincinnati for economic information and resources.

The Center broadens teachers’ knowledge about economics and finance through professional development seminars and empowers these teachers to introduce these concepts to students in the K-12 classroom. The Center also informs government and business leaders with economic research analyses that guide economic development decisions for more vibrant and economically healthy communities.

This event promises to be informative and empowering. Individuals interested in attending this event and supporting the Economics Center may register online at www.economicscenter.org/event. For more information about the event, contact Jaclyn Smith at (513) 556-2986 or jaclyn.smith@uc.edu.

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The Bracket and Random Items

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Another Happy Friday Elio’ers!  What a great week for the Elio and college basketball fans (unless you are an Ohio State or Oklahoma Fan, sorry)!  March Madness is in full swing and the first week of Elio March Color Madness is in the books.  Before we get to the Elio Bracket let’s go over some random items that are informative but may not be a full blog unto itself.
  • First, the Preview Tour:  The tour marches on today after an unscheduled pit stop for a repair and some engineering time.   Birmingham (5/5) and New Orleans (5/3) are rescheduled for the same locations in each city.  Thank you for understanding the changes.  Please make sure to check the website (www.eliomotors.com under the News tab) frequently as we will let you know any changes to the Tour there as soon as we can.  Here are our next four stops all 3-6pm:  Austin…

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{PRESS RELEASE, PIX, CINCINNATI ENQUIRER STORY, FOTO SHOOT VIDEO} ~~ ‘CTI Finds Niche in the Quest for Cures’ ~~ Cincinnati Enquirer cover story today, CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services ~~ 3.21.14 ~~ thanks to Val Prevish (@vprevish), Lee Ann Hamilton (@leeannhamilton) and The Cincinnati Enquirer (@enquirer) !!

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Press Release: CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services – 15 Years of Life Changing Therapies – 3.21.14 Press Release by Andy Hemmer

{Enquirer link:}


{PDF —>>> CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services in Cincinnati Enquirer 3.21.14 PR by Andy Hemmer}

 Success spurs international expansion from North America to Europe and Latin America.

New era: CTI tapped for groundbreaking Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine work.

Dozens of new trials launched including five ‘First-in-Human’ trials.

[CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ March 21, 2014] From the outside looking in, a “Contract Research Organization” (CRO) such as CTI Clinical Trial & Consulting Services is an organization providing support to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical-device industries.

Simple enough.

But to the people touched by the efforts of CTI and its global force of staff researchers, physicians, nurses pharmacists and associated health care professionals, however, this privately-held, deeply passionate company and its people represent something so much more: specifically, life-changing therapies.

Celebrating its 15th year in 2013, the work performed by CTI throughout North America, Europe, and Latin America still attracts the biggest and the best, serving more than 70 large and mid-sized pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, including eight of the 10 largest globally.

International giants such as Astellas Pharma Inc. of Tokyo, Japan, formerly known as Fujisawa, and Genentech Roche of Switzerland have been clients since Day One.

CTI was founded by a Cincinnati native who’s a former University of Cincinnati Professor, Timothy J. Schroeder and Lynn Fallon, a former transplant nurse, administrator, and pharmaceutical executive.

The company’s niche mirrors the unique skills of its founders: combining expertise of clinical knowledge and market experience, CTI is uniquely positioned to incorporate both clinical and market-driven endpoints and interpretations to provide results.

CTI has worked on more than 1,200 projects, contributing to more than 30 new drug approvals working with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and other global regulatory agencies.

CTI is an innovative, international drug and device development organization that delivers a full spectrum of clinical trial and consulting services from bench to commercialization with a focus on immunology and a passion for helping life-changing therapies succeed in chronically and critically ill patient populations.

Life-Saving, Life-Changing

 The driving force for today’s internationally-focused CTI is a passion for the life-saving and life-changing opportunities afforded in the explosive areas of regenerative medicine and the stem cell marketplace.

Regenerative medicine presents enormous opportunity for mankind, and industry.

CTI helps clients navigate regulatory hurdles, and understands the complex logistics involved with conducting clinical research studies.

Major advances are being made every day in diseases that are currently untreatable, and will continue to be made in the very near future,” said Schroeder, “and CTI will continue to play a significant role.”

While the future for CTI will encompass the company’s traditional sweet spots – clinical trial management, regulatory pathway design, data/market analysis including health economics, and consulting services – its focus is still on life-saving therapies, including regenerative medicine, specifically gene and stem cell therapies.

Throughout my career, trends and science and technology are forever introducing us to new ideas, new ways for us to perform better, faster, with more meaningful results,” Schroeder said, “but nothing can touch what’s going on with stem cell therapies.

We believe in the next 10-15 years the current medical and surgical approaches to disease management will include a third pillar, which is regenerative medicine,” said Schroeder.

CTI: Still a family

Despite its international reach, CTI is run like a family.

CTI works with the same Cincinnati-based bank, accounting firm, law firm, and printing company it had in 1999.

The firm is deeply dedicated to training, with employees logging at least 100 hours annually.

CTI has a 95 percent workforce retention rate, in 17 states and 15 countries. It’s currently looking to fill positions in North America, Europe, and Latin America.

CTI {http://www.CTIFacts.com photo shoot with The Cincinnati Enquirer.

CTI {http://www.CTIFacts.com} photo shoot with The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Schroeder opened CTI in 1999 in a tiny office in Clifton, an uptown Cincinnati neighborhood, right down the street from his old employer, the University of Cincinnati.

As a Professor, Schroeder instructed on a wide range of subjects from health care and life sciences, often combining the two. The early years focused on North American work, and clients.

As the company’s reputation, network and bench strength grew – headquartered in Cincinnati (Blue Ash), with U.S. offices in Raleigh and Philadelphia, along with a string of European offices headquartered in Ulm, Germany – aforementioned work and client referrals transformed CTI into the innovative and international drug and device development organization it is today.

CTI’s focused therapeutic approach provides pharmaceutical, biotechnology and startup firms with clinical and disease area expertise from a unique mix of academic, medical and industry specialists; rich intellectual capital in transplantation, immunology, infectious diseases, hematology, cardiology, nephrology, hepatology, regenerative medicine and rare diseases; flexible study designs that accelerate development programs and deliver high approval ratings that are among the best in the industry; and exceptional global project management and gold standard safety and data management systems that strengthen their program’s success potential.

For more information, please visit www.CTIFacts.com.

For media inquiries of CTI, please contact Mr. Andy Hemmer, TheWritingFiend@Large and President of AndyHemmer.com PR at (513) 604-5428 or andy@andyhemmer.com.

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Allison L. Schroeder

Associate Manager, Marketing & Corporate Communications

CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services

10123 Alliance Road

Cincinnati, OH 45242

(513) 598-9290



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