Bright!Tax Goes! Boom! ~~ featured in your Cincinnati @Enquirer today ~~ Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky entrepreneur Greg Dewald of {@BrightTax} lifts anchor in search of new international HQ ~~ thx @BowdeyaTweh and Cincinnati @Enquirer!! ~~

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Press Release as a PDF – For Immediate Release: Bright!Tax goes! BOOM! Cincy startup U.S. expats tax prep scouts international sites for new HQ – Press Release 10.16.14

link to Cincinnati Enquirer story

Enquirer page as PDFNKy native Dewald grows Bright!Tax international tax prep – Cincinnati Enquirer – Business – 10.16.14 – PR by Andy Hemmer

Bright!Tax goes! BOOM!

Cincy startup Bright!Tax assisting U.S. expats worldwide lifts anchor in NYC, scouts international sites for new 50-man (and woman) HQ

Greg Dewald’s latest entrepreneurial win, and FATCA.

Last year: 50 countries, 500% growth: This year: 110 countries, 500% growth.

Multi award-winning online entrepreneur Dewald, an UpTech! Finalist.

6.5 million Americans overseas, more and more becoming targets of the IRS.

[NEW YORK, NY and CINCINNATI, OH ~ Oct. 16, 2014] Trust?

In whom do American expatriates trust?

No longer their Swiss bankers.

Nor bankers from any other country, for that matter.

Not since U.S. regulators have begun targeting every bank account worldwide maintained by Americans living and working overseas. And these are highly professional individuals: diplomats, scientists, physicians and corporate executives, as well as missionaries and military contractors.

Just this summer, the U.S. Treasury Department unleashed a regulatory tsunami upon U.S. citizens living and working abroad, the Foreign Accounts and Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

Uncle Sam and President Obama haven’t exactly spelled out “FATCAT,” but they’re only one letter off. And though their initial interest was to target the 1 percent with significant “quiet” offshore holdings, the average American expat has, unfortunately, been caught in the crosshairs.

At Bright!Tax, we feel that American expats, for the most part, are American heroes,” said Greg Dewald, principal and founder of Bright!Tax (, a cloud-based income tax prep service serving U.S. expatriates.

In the era of globalization, they represent the best of what the United States projects onto the world stage. At the very least, they deserve to be treated fairly and with a respect that reflects the contributions they make for the greater good.”

Bright!Tax exists solely to assist American expats with their U.S. tax filing obligation by providing simple, secure and reliable online U.S. tax preparation services that heretofore were simply unavailable,” Dewald said.

There are about 6.5 million Americans living and working overseas, most of whom are still on the hook for filing federal taxes every year, and many of them are simply unaware of their obligation to do so.

They’re assessed on worldwide income, and unless they haven’t renounced U.S. citizenship and returned their passport, expats must file federal taxes every year, as if they lived in Blue Ash or Covington. The IRS penalties for not filing taxes range from $10,000 to $100,000.


With his visionary brand of entrepreneurialism, Dewald is a lifelong achiever who previously owned and ran Opera Inc., an nationally renowned designer of trade show exhibits based in Erlanger, Ky.

While leading Opera, Dewald and his staff of over 50 engaged clients nationwide in a cloud-based design and production process, a platform that singed the potential of web commerce and its commercial potential on his frontal lobe, and thus, led to Bright!Tax.

Bright!Tax is a virtual company, save for its data center in New York, which will be relocated early next year to the first international headquarters. An international site search has narrowed the company’s options to office facilities in London, Belgium, Singapore or Hong Kong.

We anticipate making a decision sometime this fall, with the goal of opening the first international headquarters for Bright!Tax in January of 2015,” Dewald said.

All employees currently work remotely; all BrightTax front-office, back-office, communications and infrastructure originate in the company’s cloud-based architecture. Dewald currently lives in Argentina and Covington.

The first international headquarters will house the Bright!Tax data center as well as Dewald’s HQ offices and an as-yet undetermined number of staff. Currently, Bright!Tax employs 10 CPAs working remotely from their individual office facilities across the U.S.; expansion plans call for 25 CPAs over the next two years, and as many as 50 over the next five years.

This is what we’re preparing for, that’s the growth that we’ve seen and the future potential of Bright!Tax is amazing,” Dewald said. “Our goal is to come to scale and to grab a major chunk of this burgeoning industry. 

“It’s an opportunity for us to introduce excellence into this space, and to display our true passion, which is our near-fanatical commitment to client happiness and satisfaction.”


Far beyond satisfied – which we are – Greg and his team at Bright!Tax were a tremendous relief,” said Lauren Cleaver, an American expat who owns and runs The Iguana Lodge ( in Costa Rica with her husband Tom.

Bright!Tax was timely, informed, and friendly. We were frightened at what the IRS could do to us. We no longer have that fear.”

Bright!Tax is poised to provide immediate relief to the complicated headache that U.S. expat taxes have become. For more information, please call Bright!Tax at (212) 465-2528, visit or send a message to

For media inquiries regarding Bright!Tax, please contact Mr. Andy Hemmer aka TheWritingFiend@Large, President of PR, at (513) 604-5428 or

Thanks to Reporter Bowdeya Tweh and The Cincinnati Enquirer!

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 Press Contact:

 Mr. Greg Dewald

Founder, Principal


OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: The Flats at Fishers Marketplace opens today: Ackermann Group ribbon-cutting 3:30 p.m. ~~ ‘Choices, Connected Luxury, Indy Living and You’ ~~

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Press Release – For Immediate Release: Ackermann Group of Cincinnati opens The Flats at Fishers Marketplace today in Indianapolis – 10.8.14 Press Release by Andy Hemmer

Ackermann Group of Cincinnati opens The Flats at Fishers Marketplace today in Indianapolis

Ackermann Group of Cincinnati opens The Flats at Fishers Marketplace today in Indianapolis

The Flats at Fishers Marketplace Opens Today

Choices, Connected Luxury, Indy Living and You

The Flats at Fishers Marketplace Offers High-End Apartment Homes, Flexibility in Living, at a Walkable Community Where Works Meets Play. And Vice Versa.

ONE Ackermann Group of Cincinnati opens The Flats at Fishers Marketplace - PR and photography by Andy Hemmer

Walkable and Liveable: The Flats is connected to dining, services, retail and entertainment, right next door.

[INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana ~ Oct. 8, 2014] Ackermann Group of Cincinnati today unveils a $35 million, choice-oriented, connected style of living with an integrated, walkable, community-within-a-community just north of Indianapolis, The Flats at Fishers Marketplace (

The four-building, 306-unit luxury apartment complex is engaged – quite literally, connected by sidewalks and pedestrian pathways – to the wildly popular Fishers Marketplace in Fishers, Indiana.

The Flats was built on an 18-acre portion of the 105-acre Fishers Marketplace, situated in Fishers, near Carmel and Noblesville and Interstate 69, bringing 325,000 square feet of home choices costing between $763 and $1,325. Options include studio living as well as 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom choices.

SEVEN Ackermann Group of Cincinnati opens The Flats at Fishers Marketplace PR Photography by Andy Hemmer

The first of four buildings at The Flats will be christened today with a ribbon-cutting and official opening ceremony hosted by Ackermann Group CEO Dobbs Ackermann, his partner Dan Rolfes and the Mayor of Fishers, Scott Fadness, from 3:30-6:30 p.m.

Media members are invited to attend; the actual ribbon-cutting activity and remarks portion will be conducted at 3:45 p.m. sharp.

The Flats at Fishers: Today’s Market Seeks Choices, Connectivity.

Today’s renters want choices and connectivity to their neighborhood,” said Ackermann, opening his family-owned company’s first new community in the Indianapolis market.

They seek amenities to accommodate their desire to expand living spaces, both within the living space and without, which is why we’ve created The Flats with a highly connected and sociable design.”

The amenities enticing the renter by choice are in high demand:

  • Clubhouse with coffee bar, game tables and a business center;
  • Fitness center with its own yoga studio;
  • Resort-style pool, cabanas, BBQ grills, bocce ball court;
  • Private garages, free wi-fi internet access and bike storage;
  • Proximity to Nickel Plate District Amphitheater, Nickel Plate Trail, Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve, Pinheads Entertainment Complex, Fishers Train Station, and Forum at Fishers.

FIVE Ackermann Group of Cincinnati opens The Flats at Fishers Marketplace PR Photography by Andy Hemmer

The Flats at Fishers Marketplace will be an exciting, walkable, integrated community, where residents are truly connected to their neighborhood. That’s why we created choices such as adding dens to our 1- and 2-bedroom homes, which can be used as optional living space or entertainment areas,” said Ackermann.

TWO Ackermann Group of Cincinnati opens The Flats at Fishers Marketplace PR Photography by Andy Hemmer

We also have amenities that accommodate today’s renter’s desire to expand their living space, and be sociable, with outdoor gathering spots such as a poolside cabana with a premium sound system, a bar area and bocce ball court,” Ackermann said.

Ackermann Group recently opened another high-end housing option in its Cincinnati hometown near Xavier University, dubbed University Station. The Flats at Fishers Marketplace won’t be the last of Ackermann Group’s investments in The Circle City.

Fishers Community Shines in Hoosier Country

There are 451 acres of parks in Fishers, which hosts innumerable summer music festivals and the annual Flavor of Fishers Festival, where local restaurants showcase their finest fare. The community is rich with parks, museums, art and music amenities, all contributing to an exceptional quality of life and cultural diversity.

Fishers has received a number of national accolades recently, for a host of reasons. The community has been recognized for its reasonably priced housing stock, the Fishers school system, one of the top school systems in the State of Indiana; and seamless access to Downtown Indianapolis, located about a 30-minute drive away.

Fishers was ranked amongst “The 25 Best Neighborhoods For Young People” by Business Insider earlier this year. Location Inc. magazine recently named Fishers the safest city in Indiana, and the 19th safest in the nation. In 2012, Money Magazine ranked Fishers 12th out of the top 100 small cities in the U.S.

About Ackermann Group

Ackermann Group started in the 1940s as a Cincinnati-based builder of single-family homes and multi-family buildings, proceeding to land development, residential/commercial remodeling, urban renewal and redevelopment, as well as mixed-use office, retail and residential projects. Now in Cincinnati, Columbus and Indianapolis, Ackermann Group seeks to combine quality of life with community growth, applying an extensive real estate knowledge with a commitment to excel. For more information, please visit or call (513) 842-3100.

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Dobbs Ackermann                                      Scott Fadness

President and CEO                                         Mayor

Ackermann Group                                      City of Fishers, Indiana             

(513) 842-3100



INDIANAPOLIS MEDIA ALERT: The Flats at Fishers Marketplace, $35M luxury apartment living from Ackermann Group of Cincinnati, holds official ribbon-cutting and opening event tomorrow Wednesday Oct. 8 2014 3:30 p.m. ~~

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Indy Media Alert – Ackermann Group of Cincy opens The Flats at Fishers Marketplace Wednesday October 8 2014

INDIANAPOLIS MEDIA ALERT - Ackermann Group of Cincy opening The Flats at Fishers Marketplace -

INDIANAPOLIS MEDIA ALERT – Ackermann Group of Cincy opening The Flats at Fishers Marketplace –

Ribbon-Cutting and Official Opening tomorrow:

The Flats at Fishers Marketplace, new $35M Upscale Apartment Community in Fishers, Indiana, courtesy of Ackermann Group of Cincinnati

Who: Ackermann Group CEO Dobbs Ackermann welcomes Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness, partner Dan Rolfes, Community Friends, Partners in Fishers, Indiana.

What: Ribbon-Cutting and Official Opening of The Flats at Fishers Marketplace, upscale apartment living developed by Ackermann Group ( of Cincinnati.

Where: 9588 Ambleside Drive, Fishers, IN 46038 – First of four apartment buildings, opening 60 percent leased, projected to be at 90 percent leased by year-end – – Second building to open in early 2015; project completion July 2015.

When: Tomorrow, Wednesday Oct. 8, 20143:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Ribbon-Cutting and Remarks: 3:45 p.m. SHARP

Ackermann Group of Cincinnati opening The Flats at Fishers Marketplace tomorrow Wednesday October 8 2014 -

Ackermann Group of Cincinnati opening The Flats at Fishers Marketplace tomorrow Wednesday October 8 2014 –

[INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana ~ Oct. 7, 2014] Come join us tomorrow for our big celebration in Fishers!

Ackermann Group of Cincinnati is unveiling its first new community in Indianapolis, The Flats at Fishers Marketplace (, with a Ribbon-Cutting and Official Opening event tomorrow, Wednesday, Oct. 8, from 3:30-6:30 p.m.

Ackermann Group CEO Dobbs Ackermann will be welcoming the Mayor of Fishers, Scott Fadness, as well as project partner Dan Rolfes. Officials are scheduled for the actual ribbon-cutting and public remarks at 3:45 p.m. sharp.

Press Contacts:

Dobbs Ackermann, CEO of Ackermann Group (513) 842-3100

Scott Fadness, Mayor of The City of Fishers, Indiana

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How does 332-pound Andrew Whitworth of the Cincinnati Bengals spend his NFL bye week? At Modo Hot Yoga, of course ….. !!! ~~ thx to Cincinnati Enquirer (@Enquirer) and reporter Paul Dehner Jr. (@PaulDehnerJr)

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Enquirer story online:

Press Release as PDF:   They Might Be Bengals – Modo Hot Yoga Cincinnati NKy welcomes All God’s Creatures Great and Small – Press Release by PR – 9.30.14

From Modo Hot Yoga Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky – For Immediate Release:

They Might Be Bengals:

All God’s Creatures, Great and Small, welcome at Modo Hot Yoga in Cincinnati and NKy

 Namaste with Andrew Whitworth, Co-Captain of the Cincinnati Bengals, and Modo.

‘It’s the heat, the exercise, keeping healthy and clearing your mind. All at once.’

The Professionals: Owners Ellen and Michael Bradley and their Tao of Team.

[CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ Sept. 30, 2014] Ellen and Michael Bradley at Modo Hot Yoga in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky have long embraced all from their Queen City community at the three Modo studios across town. They just have to stretch their arms a little further around 6-7, 332-pound Bengals offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth.

Now with two Cincinnati studios, and the original in Fort Mitchell, Northern Kentucky, Modo Hot Yoga ( welcomes young and old, singles and minglers, the professionals, moms, dads and the occasional NFL O-linemen – and their kids.

Spotted at an early-morning session at the Columbia Square Modo Hot Yoga, the co-captain of the undefeated 3-0 Cincinnati Bengals reflected on Namaste, and his mornings in the 100-degree-plus heat with the Bradleys and Modo Hot Yoga.

“‘It’s the heat, the exercise, keeping healthy and clearing your mind. All at once,” said Whitworth, who visits Modo Hot Yoga at least once weekly.

Whitworth has lassoed several other Bengals into his routine as well, over the years, such as fellow offensive lineman Kevin Zeitler (Go Badgers) and cornerback/kick returner Adam “PacMan” Jones.

The Bradleys opened their original Modo Hot Yoga – and the first in the United States – off Buttermilk Pike in Crescent Springs, Northern Kentucky, in 2008 ( The first Cincinnati studio opened at Columbia Square in 2010, the second at USquare in Clifton last year.

Michael is a co-owner and instructor at Modo Hot Yoga, and a former NBA basketball player and 1st-round draft pick (Toronto Raptors, 2001). Ellen grew up in Fort Mitchell and graduated from Notre Dame Academy. The Bradleys met at Villanova University, where both graduated. Ellen played tennis and Michael played basketball at Villanova. Michael transferred to Villanova after playing two seasons under Coach Tubby Smith at the University of Kentucky, where he was on the 1998 National Championship team.

For more information about Modo Hot Yoga Cincinnati and/or Modo Hot Yoga Northern Kentucky, please visit or, call (513) 321-YOGI (9644) or send an e-mail to

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@Boston College 37, USC 31: #WeAreBC

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@Keurig CEO Brian Kelley, Elder High School Class of 1979, in The Wall Street Journal:

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Lunch with 20 dudes from Elder High School, Class of ’52. Respect.

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Elder Class of '52

The Elder High School Class of 1952 meets on the first Wednesday of every month at Aston Oaks. Here’s 20 of the 181 class graduates on 9.3.14


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