THE MANOR HOUSE BANQUET AND CONFERENCE CENTER welcomes Anthony and Michael Munoz, president and executive director, Anthony Munoz Foundation ~~ at Hall of Fame Experience 2016 on Saturday June 12, 2016 ~~ TABLES AVAILABLE!!

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@VonLehman @FortWright_Ky via Wessels Construction and Development Company Inc., Fort Wright, KY: Wright’s Summit Comes Alive

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@FOX19 WXIX-TV Channel 19, @Local12 WKRC-TV Channel 12 (U.S. Bank BusinessWatch) coverage of Park Manor ribbon-cutting: new high-end #luxury #condos in the Downtown Blue Ash District

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Paul Zeltwanger Joshua One at Park Manor ribbon cutting 4.8.16 photo by Andy Hemmer PR

Paul Zeltwanger, left, managing partner of Joshua One at Park Manor ribbon-cutting. thx @FOX19 WXiX-TV Channel 19

so long, frank lloyd wright: nice work @JulieLasky1 @wsj

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sidebar The Road to the Wright House Julie Lasky Wall Street Journal

SIBCY CLINE, JOSHUA ONE TAKE THE WRAPS OFF NEW PARK MANOR PHASE IN BLUE ASH: Ribbon-cutting this Friday (4.8.16) 10 a.m. at Cooper Road site for luxury condos, ultimate in walkable living ~~ steps from downtown Blue Ash business district

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Park Manor in Cincinnati Business Courier PR by Andy Hemmer

Media Alert on Sibcy Cline Joshua One Blue Ash Ribbon-Cutting this Friday 4.8.16 10 a.m. Park Manor

Cincinnati Business Courier story:

The $65M Park Manor Revival

Almost 10 years after the luxury condo complex is conceived, Sibcy Cline and Joshua One rally support behind an urban, walkable lifestyle of choice.

First homes at the key Blue Ash site near Cooper, Kenwood roads to open in May.

Upscale Park Manor community courting empty-nesters everywhere.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony scheduled for this Friday 4/8 at 10 a.m.

Buoyed by a revved-up economy and a high-end condo market for its cutting-edge version of luxury, the long-stalled Park Manor community in the heart of downtown Blue Ash is getting a $65 million boost in its upscale, secure, empty-nesting britches.

Construction crews are feverishly preparing the new phase, the first since 2008: a $65 million building of luxury condos costing just below $800,000 and measuring 2,200 square feet, rising above the Cooper Road site.

Brian Bailin, left, with Joshua One, at Park Manor in Blue Ash with Jessica Jones of Sibcy Cline and Paul Zeltwanger, managing member of Joshua One.

Brian Bailin, left, with Joshua One, at Park Manor in Blue Ash with Jessica Jones of Sibcy Cline and Paul Zeltwanger, managing member of Joshua One.

Park Manor is situated one mile from Montgomery, literally steps from downtown Blue Ash.

Now being developed by the sales agent – Sibcy Cline Inc. of Kenwood – Park Manor ( plans to consecutively launch four more three-story buildings, as Realtor Jessica (Lieberman) Jones and her team fill them up.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony scheduled for this Friday, April 8, at 10 a.m. will host local corporate and municipal dignitaries, VIPs and business leaders at the newest Tri-State community for empty-nesters.

There is nothing else like Park Manor in Greater Cincinnati,” said Jones.

These are very special, 24/7 secure, exceedingly private homes with connected underground garages, perfect for the empty-nester.”

Sibcy Cline has tapped Cincinnati builder Joshua One as construction manager.

Paul Zeltwanger, managing member of Joshua One, characterized the project as “empty-nesters looking to engage life. They want to re-energize their life, walk to dinner, walk to concerts in downtown Blue Ash.

They don’t have the maintenance issues of taking care of a whole house now, so they can enjoy this stage of their life,” Zeltwanger added.

The developers are targeting early May for initial occupancy. Homes are selling for $750,000 with full luxury finishes, measuring 2,200 square feet. Each of the new condo buildings will have 12 new homes.

This is ‘walkability lifestyle’ at its finest: walk to Starbucks, ride your bike to the Blue Ash Rec center, pick up fresh fruit across the street at Sleepy Bee Cafe. Everything is within walking distance,” Jones said.

Joshua One and Sibcy Cline have collaborated on a cutting-edge home selection process that streamlines and simplifies the features selection process for each individual home.

When you go to build a house or condo, buyers can get overwhelmed,” said Brian Bailin, lead project manager with Joshua One.

Things get lost in translation.

What we have designed is a simple process that allows buyers to fully customize their condo, and gives them the home they’ve wanted from the start,” Bailin said.

For more information, please visit or contact Jessica at (513) 919-2561 or

For media inquiries, please contact Andy Hemmer at (513) 604-5428 or

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Maketewah News for early April: Junior Golf Academy is booming, along with junior golf; U.S. Open qualifier will be held next month (May 2016), and the first-ever Maketewah Invitational in June: FORE !!!!

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Answers in Alzheimer’s: Lisa Genova, Teepa Snow deliver at sold-out ‘Refresh Your Soul 2016’ Conference on Alzheimer’s and Dementia from Parish Health Ministry, part of Episcopal Retirement Services (ERS)

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Lisa Genova, author of 'Still Alice' and a nationally recognized expert on Alzheimer's, speaks at "Refresh Your Soul 2016" sponsored by Parish Health Ministry at Episcopal Retirement Services (ERS) -

Lisa Genova, author of ‘Still Alice’ and a nationally recognized expert on Alzheimer’s, speaks at “Refresh Your Soul 2016” sponsored by Parish Health Ministry at Episcopal Retirement Services (ERS) –

Press Release for download Word .docx: Lisa Genova_Teepa Snow highlight a sold-out Refresh Your Soul 2016-Press Release 

Answers in Alzheimer’s:

‘Refresh Your Soul 2016’ from Parish Health Ministry and ERS

National experts Lisa Genova, Teepa Snow enlighten, inform and educate sold- out crowd

[CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ April 5, 2016] “I am so encouraged that so many of you are here today, because this wasn’t the case 10 years ago,” said Alzheimer’s expert and author Lisa Genova, addressing the sold-out crowd at “Refresh Your Soul 2016,” hosted by Parish Health Ministry, a service of Episcopal Retirement Services (ERS).

But we can do something. We can bring people living with this disease back into the community. And it all starts with something as simple as what we’re doing today: a conversation.”

Ms. Genova is a Boston neuroscientist, a Bates College valedictorian who traded in her practice to become a self-published author.

She’s now a nationally recognized expert on Alzheimer’s and a New York Times best-selling author of several novels, most notably “Still Alice,” made into a 2014 film starring Julianne Moore.

Parish Health Ministry of Episcopal Retirement Services

Parish Health Ministry of Episcopal Retirement Services

Ms. Moore won the 2015 Oscar for Best Actress with her portrayal of a young Harvard neuroscientist dealing with aging issues in her family.

Genova’s literary quest, to seek answers to Alzheimer’s, was like so many others dealing with the baffling, debilitating disease and accompanying dementia.

Her new profession began when her 85-year-old grandmother headed out for bowling. In the middle of the night. By herself.


We all knew she was slowing down, forgetting words, leaving the keys in the door, the tea kettle on the stove, not able to do the checkbook anymore,” Genova told a crowd approaching 1,000 at the Tri-County Assembly of God Church in Fairfield.

So we all went ahead with this dance, that this was a part of normal aging. But it wasn’t. This walk to the bowling alley in the middle of the night, this confusion, this disorientation, this inability to understand, was Alzheimer’s.”

Ms. Genova shared her expertise, experience, personal and professional timeline as the keynote speaker for “Refresh Your Soul 2016,” the annual conference and fundraiser for Parish Health Ministry at ERS (, held last month.

Lisa was joined by Teepa Snow, another national expert on aging, specifically dementia. Parish Health Ministry extends the mission and ministry of Episcopal Retirement Services by encouraging congregations to renew their role in healthcare through health education, personal health counseling, advocacy, focusing on prevention, and treating the whole person in body, mind and spirit.

Working with 77 churches in the region to start a health ministry or enhance an existing one, 700 referrals were made to physicians, clergy, parish nurses, and community agencies in 2015.

The conference was incredible, and attracted our biggest crowd yet. Lisa and Teepa were able to touch the hearts of attendees, giving them hope through understanding and offering practical, effective caregiving advice,” said Jeanne Palcic, director of Parish Health Ministry at ERS.

Author Genova signing copies of "Still Alice."

Author Genova signing copies of “Still Alice.”

This year’s event marked the 16th for the conference, sponsored by (http://

Besides the talks from Ms. Genova and Ms. Snow, attendees benefitted from an entire day spent with ERS and Parish Health Ministry personnel, professional colleagues, fellow caregivers, and other family members dealing with the same issues, seeking more information about Alzheimer’s and dementia.

What they heard was a comprehensive dialogue on a topic that’s been thankfully dragged out of the closet and plopped onto America’s lap.

The speakers’ messages were upbeat, positive, and left attendees with intimate, practical knowledge and advice for dealing with a scourge upon seniors and their families worldwide.

And all it takes is a conversation, Genova said.

She drew parallels between the increasing awareness of Alzheimer’s and how people have successfully dealt with other horrible, deadly diseases, such as HIV and cancer.

When the HIV virus first hit in the ‘80s, it primarily hit the gay population, and that community wasn’t really talking about it because of the shame and stigma. It’s the same story with Alzheimer’s,” Genova said.

Then something changed, and it began with conversation and empathy.”


Do you remember when nobody would even say the word ‘cancer?’ We talked in whispers. We called it ‘The Big C.’ We wouldn’t even say it,” Genova said. “What happened was people would have to go through it alone. There was, again, this shame and stigma that we wouldn’t speak of this.

“There were no blue ribbons back then for cancer, no fundraisers, no neighbors helping with casseroles and carpools. People suffered with it alone, and privately. We did not have treatments, and we did not have survivors.

It’s not an accident that something happened with how we deal with cancer. We began to talk about it, to have a conversation on what cancer is, what it’s like to go through that, and then it wasn’t sympathy we felt from a distance.

“The conversation generated empathy,” Genova continued, “then we began to do lavender ribbons, casseroles and carpools. We began to hold their hand and be with them people who were going through it. And now we have treatments, and survivors.”

Genova believes science will discover a cure for Alzheimer’s. In the meantime, she hearkened to the audience to keep the faith. And to keep talking.

The acceleration of the scientific understanding of this disease is staggering, and amazing. We can get to a cure for this disease, but part of the equation has to be a conversation that leads to empathy, that leads to funding, that will lead to treatments and survivors,” Genova said.

Parish Health Ministry and ERS would like to extend their deepest thanks and sincere appreciation to Ms. Genova and Ms. Snow. Arrangements for the appearance of Lisa Genova were made through Simon & Schuster Speakers Bureau of New York, NY.

ERS now serves more than 1,500 residents and touches another 9,725 people through the community-based services it provides, including the parishioners served by Parish Health Ministry.

ERS also operates Deupree Meals On Wheels, delivering warm, nutritious meals to more than 300 seniors daily. The ERS resident population continues to grow with the rapid expansion of Affordable Living by ERS, which more than 1,100 low-income older adults now call home.

For more information about Parish Health Ministry at ERS, please contact Ms. Palcic, Director, at either (513) 979-2238 or at or Mr. Bryan Reynolds, ERS Director of Integrated Marketing at (513) 979-2243 or

For media inquiries, please contact Andy Hemmer at (513) 604-5428 or

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