THE FLATS AT FISHERS (NORTH INDY) IS NO LONGER ON FIRE: Ackermann Group of Cincy rebuilding – while still building, and opening new apartments – on the same site. 84 new units delivered last month (July 2015) ~~ ~~ (317) 567-4949 ~~ Next phase to be delivered early 2016 ~~ and how, btw, can you get developers to smile like this?

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Ackermann Group of Cincinnati opens new 84-unit phase for The Flats at Fishers Marketplace ~

Ackermann Group of Cincinnati opens new 84-unit phase for The Flats at Fishers Marketplace ~ ~ This photo was taken inside the new, rebuilt section of The Flats at Fishers, site of an unoccupied building fire earlier this year.

The fire’s out at The Flats at Fishers Marketplace.

Been out, since shortly after it started, earlier this year.

Yeah, it did some damage.

So what’s it take to get the developer, Ackermann Group of Cincinnati, to smile like this? (that’s COO Greg Long, left to right, with Vice President Ginger Collins and President/CEO Dobbs Ackermann):

  • a successful rebuilding program, on the same site, building with the same people in the same community;
  • a really, really good insurance company;
  • opening another wing of the same project last month – The Flats at Fishers Marketplace – offering the same unique, live-work-play environment and atmosphere;
  • leasing up about one-third of that new wing, which brings 84 new apartments to this booming suburb northeast of Indianapolis.

This is a major milestone for the Ackermann Group and for The Flats at Fishers,” said Dobbs Ackermann, president and CEO of Cincinnati-based Ackermann Group.

We were able to restart construction after a devastating fire of an unoccupied building, which will result in the delivery of a new building on the same site in early 2016.”

Ackermann Group designed The Flats at Fishers Marketplace with an eye on integration of services for the community within a lifestyle center, Fishers Marketplace.

The Flats is able to provide grocery shopping, restaurants, bars, retail and a host of amenities that are all within walking distance, as part of the service-based environment we’ve built around our residents,” Ackermann said.

After we had the fire in January, the community response was just unbelievable. We received tremendous support from the Fishers and surrounding fire departments, and people were literally calling us every day wishing us encouragement, and continuing to welcome us to Fishers,” Ackermann added.

We were able to get cleaned up pretty quickly and get back to work on construction. We feel extremely grateful that nobody was hurt. We feel as if all that community support will lead us to a very bright future, for us and our partners and the whole community here at The Flats.”

For more information about Ackermann Group, please call (513) 842-3100 or visit The Flats at Fishers Marketplace can be reached at (317) 567-4949 or by visiting

For media inquiries, please contact Mr. Andy Hemmer at (513) 604-5428 or


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SpringDot CEO Josh Deutsch, honored with John F. Barrett Entrepreneur Vision Award at the Entrepreneurs’ Organization of Cincinnati (@EOCincinnati) ~~ presented by LEAD Cincinnati magazine and Venue Magazine

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On August 6, LEAD and Venue Magazines presented 16 honorees with The John F. Barrett Entrepreneur Vision Award at The Center.

Each honoree nominated exemplified vision, strength of character and determination in their journey as an Entrepreneur and a business-owner.

John F. Barrett, president and CEO of Western & Southern Financial Group spoke a few words to open the event.

Keynote speaker Virginia Drosos, president and CEO of Assurex Health, Inc. spoke to the crowd about the importance of entrepreneurial spirit, endurance and continuing to grow and evolve over time.

If you would like to nominate someone for next year’s Entrepreneur Vision Awards, please e-mail for more information.

Congratulations to the 2015 honorees:

Josh Deutsch, president & CEO of SpringDot

Jamie Gerdsen, CEO of Apollo Home

David Goodwin, managing partner & co-founder of Advanced Technology Consulting (ATC)

Terry Grear, president of ScrogginsGrear

Tillie Hidalgo Lima, president & CEO of Best Upon Request

Bob Krejci, president of Riverside Construction Services, Inc and Riverside Architectural Millwork

Dora Manuel, owner & event designer for Viva Bella Events

Richard Palmer, president of Nehemiah Manufacturing Company

Jim Salters, CEO of The Business Backer

Edgar L. Smith, Jr., chairman & CEO of World Pac Paper, LLC

Mike Ward, president of Mike Ward Landscaping

Todd Wilkins, president & owner of Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership, Fairway Leasing, LLC

Greg Wolf, president & CEO of Midwest Sports

Jennifer Wolfe, founder & president of Wolfe Domain, a Digital Brand Strategy Advisory Firm

Steven Wolterman, president of Wolterman Law Office LPA & Mason Painting

Michael Zipfel, president & owner of Zipfel Mortgage Group.

(Information courtesy of LEAD Cincinnati …. thanks Steve!)

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Cincinnati’s Newest Downtown Skyline View: Wessels Construction and Development Company Inc. of Fort Wright, Ky., adding four buildings to Memorial Village in Fort Thomas, Ky.

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Memorial Village in Fort Thomas by Wessels Construction and Development photo by Andy Hemmer PR

Memorial Village expanding by four apartment buildings courtesy Wessels Construction and Development Company Inc. of Fort Wright KY ~~ ~~ photo by PR

Fort Thomas will soon have the freshest Downtown Cincinnati skyline view in the Tri-State, courtesy of of Fort Wright, Ky.

Four new 12-unit apartment buildings are being built along Memorial Parkway in The 41075, land of The Cake-Eater, by Wessels Construction and Development Company Inc.

Memorial Village Fort Thomas Wessels Construction photo by Andy Hemmer PR

Memorial Village expanding by four apartment buildings courtesy Wessels Construction and Development Company Inc. of Fort Wright KY ~~ ~~ photo by PR.

The apartments will be available next year.

Memorial Village: (859) 331-4800

welcome to fort thomas ky !! photo by andy hemmer PR

Memorial Village expanding by four apartment buildings courtesy Wessels Construction and Development Company Inc. of Fort Wright KY ~~ ~~ photo by PR.


The @CincinnatiPR Minute for Monday, July 6, 2015 ~~ starring Brent Walker of Walker Homes at Riverview Estates, Anderson Township ~~

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PLAY BALL!! ~~ 23 More Rules for 4th of July Wiffle Ball ~~ courtesy @JasonGay and The @WSJ

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23 More Rules for Fourth of July Wiffle Ball Jason Gay Wall Street Journal

It’s been a couple of seasons since our last Fourth of July Wiffle Ball Rules, and if you’re wondering: Yes, the Fourth of July Wiffle ball “Steroid Era” is over. Home runs are down. Strikeouts are up. The only stuff anyone’s testing positive for: rum and potato salad.

1. To review the essential bylaws: Fourth of July Wiffle ball must be played on (duh) the Fourth of July. The game should probably begin in the late afternoon or early evening, before everyone’s eaten 11 hot dogs. The game is slow pitch, not fast pitch—fast-pitch is for passive-aggressive lunatics. Everyone is welcome, regardless of athleticism or beer count. If you forget everything else, remember these two things: no $200 million contracts for players over 30, and never, ever put a charcoal grill in the outfield.

2. When designing your Wiffle ball diamond, it’s important to make sure that it contains at least one expensive, irreplaceable custom window that can be shattered by a well-hit line drive.

3. Authentic bases are not necessary for Wiffle ball. You might not even play with bases. If you do, first base can be a beach towel. Second base can be a tube of sunscreen. Third base can be an iPad.

Home plate can be your Aunt’s secret copy of “50 Shades of Grey.”

4. Uniform? Come on. The Fourth of July Wiffle ball uniform is bare feet and a plastic cocktail cup.

23 More Rules of Wiffle Ball

5. A fly ball that lands on top of the roof is a home run. A fly ball that goes over the roof is a grand slam. A fly ball that breaks the neighbor’s window is a visit from the police.

6. If you insist on painting foul lines for your Wiffle ball game, it’s probably a good idea to do it before your third margarita.

7. Stats are not important during Fourth of July Wiffle ball. If you cannot remember what inning it is, you have exactly the right attitude.

8. There are no balls and strikes called in Wiffle ball. You just shame the picky hitters.

9. There will be someone in your game who holds the bat with one hand and only swings at pitches two feet above his or her head. This person will go 8 for 8.

10. There will also be someone who steps to the plate and points dramatically to the outfield wall like Babe Ruth. This person always fouls out.

11. A few times you will have to go find the on-deck hitter, who will be back in the kitchen eating nachos and watching “The Big Bang Theory” on TV.

12. There’s going to be one player in your game who loves saying old-timey baseball lingo like “Chin Music” and “Frozen Rope” and “Texas Leaguer.” It gets old pretty fast.

13. If you’re organizing a Fourth of July Wiffle ball game in the parking lot at the Grateful Dead show in Chicago…good luck, buddy!

14. If you’re playing Wiffle ball up in New England, take it easy on the Deflategate jokes. They’re still pretty sensitive about that thing.

15. There is someone in the outfield who is watching “Orange Is the New Black” on his or her phone.

23 More Rules of 4th of July Wiffle Ball Jason Gay Wall Street Journal

16. Sure, you can do play-by-play of your Fourth of July Wiffle ball game. But you do not sound like Vin Scully. Nobody on the planet sounds as good as Vin Scully. That’s why he’s Vin Scully.

17. No stealing bases or beers.

18. Whoever wins your Fourth of July Wiffle ball game is in second place in the NL East.

19. This is weird, but eight Kansas City Royals made the All-Star Team from your Wiffle ball game.

20. Yes: Peanut the Labrador can play in the Fourth of July Wiffle ball Game. Let Peanut have his fun! At 9 p.m., when the fireworks start, Peanut is going to be under the back porch crying.

21. You can’t get thrown out of Fourth of July Wiffle ball for arguing a call. You can be thrown out for putting your fingers in the guacamole.

22. If you are contemplating diving into a rose bush to make a catch, let me remind you this a Fourth of July Wiffle ball game, and you have to be at work on Monday.

23. The Wiffle ball game is over when someone runs right through a screen door. Which someone hopefully caught on video and will put on YouTube.

Happy Fourth of July!

Write to Jason Gay at

The @CincinnatiPR Minute for Thursday 7.2.15

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Media Alert: Connecting with Connexus in Cincy at Omnicare Center, Downtown ~~ Connexus Credit Union opening new Downtown Cincinnati facility on Tuesday 7.7.15 ~~ open to the public, news media ~~ from Wisconsin serves Convergys, Cincinnati Bell, Liberty Mutual employees, family and retirees (among others!) ~~ @ConnexusCU

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Here’s the new spot in Omnicare Center on East Fourth, formerly known as Atrium One ~~ will be in the front of the lobby, next to Starbucks. (Boom)

Media Alert – For Immediate Release:   Media Alert – Connexus Credit Union opening new Downtown Cincinnati branch Tuesday July 7 2015

Connecting with Connexus in Downtown Cincy: 7.7.15 

[Cincinnati, Ohio ~ July 2, 2015] Connexus Credit Union of Wisconsin (, doing business in Cincinnati by serving employees, retirees and family members of the ever-growing Cincinnati Bell, Convergys, and Liberty Mutual families – among many others! – will unveil its newest, largest and exceedingly customer-friendly facility in Downtown Cincinnati next week on Tuesday, July 7.

The 3:30 p.m. ribbon-cutting will feature Connexus President and CEO J. David Christenson, Vice President of Marketing Jim McKissick and other Connexus company officials; the event is open to the public and news media.

Connexus President, CEO J. David Christenson

Connexus President, CEO J. David Christenson

A private VIP reception will follow from 4:30-6 p.m. Interview opportunities with Mr. Christenson and C-level executives will be available before, during and throughout the official opening at the Omnicare Center office building, located at 201 East Fourth Street.

We are extremely pleased to open our new Downtown Cincinnati branch, and we welcome Cincinnatians and new friends from all over the Midwest,” Mr. Christenson said.

Credit unions have become invaluable partners for families nationwide with their unique service and product offerings. At Connexus, we really are all about choosing, and owning, your best financial partner,” added Mr. McKissick.

Founded in Wausau in 1935, Connexus is renowned for paying high rates for checking and savings accounts and offering low rates on auto and personal loans. A federally insured institution (NCUA, Equal Housing Opportunity), Connexus has more 184,000 members and over $1 billion in assets (as of June 1, 2015).

Connexus Chief Experience Officer and Executive Vice President Marita Hattem

Connexus Chief Experience Officer and Executive Vice President Marita Hattem

Its mission: to help members achieve their personal financial objectives by anticipating their needs, and exceeding their expectations, with superior service and projects.

In business locally since 2006, the new Connexus facility replaces a branch in the 525 Vine building that will close this Friday and a branch in Norwood which closed two weeks ago; Connexus also maintains a branch in Liberty Mutual’s Fairfield facility.

The new Fourth Street branch will officially open for business on Monday, July 6.

About Connexus Credit Union:

Serving more than 184,000 members across all 50 states, Connexus is a member-focused cooperative with over $1 Billion in assets. Connexus is proud to provide high yields for checking accounts and deposit products, as well as competitive rates for personal, home and auto loans. The Wausau, Wisc.-based credit union has been nationally recognized for excellence by Forbes, CNN Money, PC Magazine, AARP, Kiplinger and Connexus is committed to helping their members achieve personal financial objectives while anticipating their needs and exceeding their expectations with superior products and services.


Who: Connexus Credit Union of Wausau, Wisc., financial partner of Cincinnati Bell, Convergys, and Liberty Mutual employees, retirees and families

What: Ribbon-Cutting at new Downtown Cincinnati facility for Connexus

Where: 1st-floor lobby Omnicare Center, 201 East Fourth St., Cincinnati OH 45202

When: Tuesday, July 7, 2015 – 3:30 p.m. (VIP Reception 4:30-6)

Why: Customer-friendly first-floor lobby (next to Starbucks!) affords Connexus members easier access, greater convenience

Connexus Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President Chad Rogers

Connexus Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President Chad Rogers



Mr. Jim McKissick, Vice President of Marketing, Connexus

(715) 847-4719 ~

Mr. Andy Hemmer, President of PR

(513) 604-5428 ~ 

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