Price Hill crackhouse ‘The Alamo’ recast as ‘The Elberon,’ $9M gateway complex – aka, What You Missed At Last Night’s Elder Businessmen’s Association (EBA) pow-wow


'The Alamo' at Elberon & West Eighth - recast as 'The Elberon,' $9M senior housing facility


Revealed last night at the Elder Businessmen’s Association (EBA): Price Hill Will is set to close any day on the king of all eyesores in Price Hill, a dilapidated white elephant at Elberon Avenue and West Eighth Street fdba “The Alamo,” soon to be known as “The Elberon.”

“The Elberon” will help economic-development interests and redefine the entire community of Price Hill – and underline the commitment that Price Hill Will has invested  – considering its high-profile locale at one of the gateways to Cincinnati’s West Side neighborhood.



“Putting this eyesore back into service in the Price Hill community will be a symbol as to where we are headed for the next 20 years,” said Ken Smith, executive director of Price Hill Will.

“We were supposed to close Monday, then it was Tuesday. It will happen, and it’s going to happen soon,” Smith told the EBA.

Cobbling the project together has been a challenge. The site is comprised of 12 different parcels.


'The Alamo' .... soon to be 'The Elberon.'



The former street-level retail space on the Elberon Avenue side will be converted into public use and/or “community space,” Smith said.

Price Hill Will is a comprehensive community development corporation serving Price Hill, utilizing an asset-based revitalization strategy concentrating on:

Community Engagement: supporting resident-led community improvement initiatives focused on enhancing and preserving the neighborhood’s most valued qualities;

Housing Redevelopment: Managing rehabs of single-family housing;

Economic Development: Supporting the business community by improving the physicial conditions of the commercial corridor, promoting local businesses, recruiting new businesses, and sponsoring special events.

Price Hill Will works with clients to help them buy, improve and sell properties.

The group provides home-buyer counseling through a partnership with Working in Neighborhoods, to help people determine if homeownership is the right move for them.

Price Hill Will subsidizes the cost of construction in order to sell homes at a market rate.

This means that each house requires more money to purchase, and rehab, than the actual asking price of the property.

By taking a loss, Price Hill Will can take on projects that are too difficult to be profitable – i.e., The Elberon – and improve the neighborhood one property, one homeowner at a time.


Ken Smith with Price Hill Will, left, and developer John Cranley with the Incline Project.


Price Hill Will is based at 3724 St. Lawrence Avenue, and can be reached at (513) 251-3800.

Look for a new website from the group, touting good news in Price Hill, at

The next EBA meeting is a Happy Hour tentatively scheduled for Friday, Nov. 12, at Jim and Jack’s On The River, from 5-7 p.m.

The EBA would like to extend major props to the hard-working team at the Western Hills office of The Community Press, specifically Reporter Kurt Backscheider and Editor Marc Emral, for this week’s story on the EBA (below).

The online story can be found at …. thanks, Kurt! Thanks, Marc!


The Elder Businessmen's Association in Community Press - 10.13.10.


Altiora, my brothers!


The next Elder Businessmen's Association meeting is tentatively scheduled for Friday, Nov. 12, a Happy Hour at Jim and Jack's On The River.



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